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For Sale:
IC: Grado HF-1 #456

Will Ship To: USA

Hi - 


I apologize for not having pictures at the moment - they will be forthcoming tomorrow, but suffice it to say that they will look very similar to a brand new set of HF-1s.  I have one pair of the last set of Grado HF-1s that were produced and sold through TTVJ.  I am posting this to see what interest there may be.


These headphones are near-mint, and have fewer than 15 hours of listening on them.  They will be shipped in the original John Grado signed box, in the same box that they were shipped from via TTVJ.  The original sales receipt will be included as well.  


I have not been active on Head-Fi in quite a while, but have a number of posts.  I've only ever purchased one thing from the forums - please see my 15 years of ebay feedback under the username "cstaley1".  


I would prefer to sell these in the USA rather than try to ship internationally.  I accept Paypal, and I won't charge the 3% either.  I also offer free domestic shipping.  


Thank you very much,