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For Sale:
Boutique HD650 cables PRICE DROP

Will Ship To: USA

I have a nice roughly 4 ft. HD650 cable made by a fellow head-fier for sale.  It is a hybrid of boutique wires with Cardas Sennheiser connectors, a nice 1/8" plug and nice "beads" of some sort used for the plug barrel and the Y split.  A couple of scratches on the plug - round plate right under the TRS portion.  A really nice, light, flexible cable.  See photo  I paid $50, listened for 5 or 10 minutes, then packed it away, as I used the following cable instead.


Pricing : $40 net to me.  Buyer pays paypal and shipping.


Feel free to pitch me an offer  - I don't own any Sennheisers at the moment…  


Please respond via PM.  Thank you.

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