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Yes! I finally completed my quest. About 1 or 2 years back I searched on Google for the words 'most beautiful headphones' and this thread came up ( I saw the Pioneer SE-L40's and just had to get them. But how? I was looking on Ebay every now and then but the prices where too high for me ($250). Some guy on Head-Fi said he had 1 of those, but asked $325 for it. I decided to give up...

Last week I checked on our dutch trading website and some guy just put them online! There were a few bids 'round €60 so I called him and we made a deal: €100 (about $130)! The guy said they were working 100% and without a scratch.

A day later I recieved the cans. No sound. Only if I squeeze the wire in to the headphone. Also is the right can is a more loose then the left one, not such a big problem. I'm trying the get these cans fixed at a local shop.


Here are some pics: