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Hi everyone,


Just found this site via internet search and forgive me if there is a post or thread that addresses my question.  My initial search of the forums returned no results.


I have a 2012 Macbook Pro w/Retina that I use a lot, for podcasts, "webinars," training, etc, and of course, listening to music through iTunes.  I also have my iPhone 5.  I'm searching for high-quality bluetooth, over the ear (headband/cups) headphones that I can connect both to the Mac, for listening to either my training stuff or music, and, simultaneously, be connected to my iPhone 5, so that if, while I'm working on my Mac, a call should come in on the iPhone, it will pause whatever I'm doing on the Mac and allow me to take the call.  (I should note that I'm aware if I'm watching a live event on the Mac, it won't pause the event, just the audio, when a call comes in.)  I like the over-the-ear, traditional headband-style form due to comfort.  I had a set of LG in-the-ear stereo headphones that worked fairly well, but made my ear canals itch terribly.


I purchased and returned the Bose AE2W headphones ($250).  I loved the size and fit....very comfortable.  While I was able to successfully connect (via BT) both the Macbook Pro and my iPhone 5 at the same time, the volume level was not great.  But the biggest problem was, even with my Macbook Pro on my lap, the sound (in this case music from iTunes) kept dropping out and back in.  I cannot imagine what it would do if I walked away.  I also didn't like the fact that I had to physically remove the Bluetooth module from the headphones in order to use the wired connection option.

I have read that there are issues with Mac's implementation of Bluetooth on their computers.  I've also read that there are fixes that can be applied, bluetooth dongles that can be purchased, etc.  I'd prefer to purchase a set of headphones that don't require either one of those things, but am willing to consider all options in order to get something that works for my needs.


Does what I want exist?  Is there any product which allows a wired connection to one device while maintaining the BT connection to the other device? (In other words, connect to my Mac via the wired headphone jack but keep the BT connection to my iPhone active?)  It's not crucial but I'm interested in how the headphones have implemented the ability to physically connect to a device.


Multipoint functionality is crucial, I realize.  But it goes beyond that.  Most BT stereo headphones appear to be designed for use ONLY by mobile devices (phones, tablets, etc.), and the connection I need to my Mac is what is problematic.  The headphones may connect via BT to my Mac, but the sound quality and continuity of the connection is so poor, they're unusable in that way.


I'm currently looking at Sennheiser's MM 500-X model.  Their marketing materials specifically state that they can be used with the iPhone (built-in mic) as well as connect to my Mac.  Has anyone used these, have an opinion?  Or other suggestions?


Thanks so much.  I've used a BT mono headset with my phones for years, and am fortunate enough to have a car that also has BT built-in.  I am a fan of the wireless technology and the ability it gives me to not only be hands-free, but also to better focus my attention on other things I'm doing, whether it be driving, working, shopping, household chores, etc.  I don't always have pockets that accommodate my carrying of my iPhone, and I surely don't have one big enough for the Mac.  To be able to get up and refill my coffee cup without disconnecting, without missing audio of a live "webinar," etc., is my goal.


Thanks to all of you.  If anything I've written is unclear, in error, or posted elsewhere, please accept my apologies.