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For Sale: Westone 4R

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Westone 4R

Will Ship To: EU

These were purchased a few weeks ago from another Head-Fi member in the States. I unsealed the box myself and have barely used them. I doubt whether they've seen 5 hours use in total and the condition reflects this. Only the tips which came attached to the earphones have been used. There is a bag of foam tips and various accessories which have not been opened at all. All original packaging and proof of purchase will be included in the sale. Buyer pays PayPal and delivery charges.
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The Fiio has been sold. Earphones still available.
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Big price drop before they go on eBay.
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PM send.
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PM replied.
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Sale pending.
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Can I buy that big bag o' tips? haha
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Sold to the girl from Germany
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