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If the below have already been brought up and answered I apologize but haven't read all 260 pages of posts.  My questions concern charging when using my M8 and a ipod classic as the source device.

The instruction sheet that came with the HiFi-M8 and reviews I've read so far don't really give me the answers, so does anyone here know:


Does the ipad charge from both the center(on-off) position and right( idevice) positon when the M8 is plugged into the a/c charger?


Does the M8 itself charge with the switch in either position?


For charging the ipod does it matter if its on or off or will it charge from the M8 either way?


I've read the M8 can be left with the a/c charger plugged in continuously and it will not overcharge.  How about the ipod classic?  Will it overcharge if the M8 is left continuously on a/c charge?


My RSA version has both 1/8 and 1/4 headphone outputs.  Can two different headphones be used at the same time, one in each output jack?


Appreciate your responses.