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So I'm in the market for a closed bass heavy headphone! Ideally a closed HE 400 would be right up my alley but that's a little easier said than done sadly


I would prefer a wooden back, as I very much like my w1000x [and wood just looks awesome] But again not looking for any mid bass humps if anything a modest Sub Bass hump wouldn't be to bad. I don't mind slighty recessed mids or bright treble 


Again the HE 400 has a linear Sub Bass and low mids... not crazy about the HE 400s upper mid SUCK out, so I'd have rather a slighty recessed mid range [Low central and uppers] as opposed to something with "extreme mids" Any Denons would be getting Lawton Pads and recables and a Mad Dog might be bumped to an AD... maybe


Again I liked the sound of the HE 400 but I need something closed, and my biggest issue with the HE 400 [I will be using this with my hm 801 and pb1 so no eq avalible] was the upper mids. Since I can't EQ on my portable set I'd rather avoid anything that has SUCKED out mids. Recessed I can live with, but BIG dips I'd like to avoid


I'm currently looking at a $450 Budget 


D2k +D7k MarkL WoodBacks

Stock D5k

Mad Dog 3.2 Balanced [Not interested in SE I had and didn't like that much] 

I might even get the Sony XB 1000 that I wanted so long ago... I had the XB 700 but found it to be TOO BASS heavy so I sold it


Any one else have any suggestions. I would prefer not to have to mod something my self, but not opposed to it.