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For Sale: Apex Glacier

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For Sale:
Apex Glacier

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hello all,


 It is time for me to offload my Glacier as it just sits and is never used. That being said, mine is still in good condition for being around a year old (I believe). This thing is awesome. I LOVED this amp for the longest time then life happened and I sold all my equipment (except this). I am almost positive I still have the original box (I have way too much audio equipment boxes). I don't have the charger as it is a POS and literally broke awhile ago. I will include my Galaxy S4 charger with it, as it will charge it quite faster than the OEM piece. Pics to follow in the AM or on request.


Paypal only. If you have good enough feedback then you can gift it. Otherwise prepare to cover the Paypal fee.

I will cover shipping assuming you don't live in the jungles of Borneo (that includes any locale outside the US. THAT MEANS YOU CANADA).

I need the $$ so I'm NOT INTERESTED in trades (unless you have a HE-400 you need to unload).

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