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Portable DAC/AMP Setup

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Will a DAC/AMP improve the sound quality of my music, I am using Beats mixrs with my Samsung Galaxy S4 UK Model.


My music is ripped in Apple Lossless .

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Selling the Beats Mixrs and getting something else would be the best way to improve the audio quality.
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To add on to the previous comment, what kind of music do you enjoy. Also do you prefer something very portable (as in being able to fold up) or just portable enough to hang around neck? Lastly, Do you have a prefered part of the sound spectrum (bass, mids, highs)?
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The first thing to improve would be your headphones really, as stated in the previous post. Then only do you move towards the AMP/DAC setup because really the headphones are the ones responsible for generating the sound pressure levels and thus changing that gains the most obvious levels of improvement. Going to the DAC/AMP instead will only improve it so much... But then again that's my take on this subject.

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I listen to Hip Hop mostly, I was looking into getting a better pair of headphones can you recommend me some please. I can spend up to £300 on them.


The reason I asked about a separate dac/amp was I was told that the one in the s4 not that great.

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The Audio-technica ws99 would be great for you, as they are amazing with hiphop, and most other stuff

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cheers will look into buying a pair, will they sound good with the s4.

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Definately, I've tried them with various smartphones, and they really do work well with them.

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Originally Posted by mattya1989 View Post

cheers will look into buying a pair, will they sound good with the s4.


The V-Moda M100 are a nice set of mobile headphones, they have a fun sound signature that will suit your music style perfectly. 
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