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IEM Upgrade from Shure SE215??

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First of all someone let me know if this is the right forum area for this..it looks like they have rearranged somethings in the last few months and I hope this the right place for this.

I have had the SE215 for a few months, haven't used them a ton but I do like them, they are my first pair of "good" headphones and I really do like them. They aren't necessarily lacking anything.. but I am thinking about the next step.

I listen to everything, but if I had to say I had an emphasis it would be R&B and Hip-Hop, but the vocals can't get muddied up by the bass or anything. If I had a preference for vocal sound I guess it "warm". I do like bass, but not at the expense of the rest of the sound and really like more subbass rumble than anything. My source is primarily my Iphone 4 or Ipad 2.

When I originally asked for recommendations the SE215s came up and the Gr07be also. I researched and went with the SE215s because they came up as a great "all arounder" which is good for me since I listen to a variety of music and the price was lower.

So here are my questions:

1) Is the Vsonic GR07be really a significant/noticeable upgrade from the 215s? And would you recommend I upgrade to that?

2) Are there any IEMs in the $300 or less price range that you would recommend for me to look into (Westones is another I've been looking at right around that price).

3) Since I am not "unhappy" with the SE215s, would I maybe get some benefits from getting an amp, like the Fiio E17...to just get me a little more of what I am already enjoying? I don't have an amp and am wondering if that might be a good next step.

Like I said, I am not dissatisfied, I am just looking for "what's next"...Thanks for any help!
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I found that the SE215 Special Edition that I had did sound noticeably better going from my Samsung Galaxy S to my Audio GD NFB15.32 desktop DAC and amp. They sounded better across the board, in bass reach and authority but also with the cleanliness of the mids and treble. I found that straight from my phone that bass was weaker, didn't reach as low, and there was some grainyness to the upper end of the spectrum. I don't want to overstate it, but the difference was immediately noticeable to me. So, I am lead to believe that an amp like the e17 would make them sound better. However, it may have actually been more of the DAC they made the difference with my Audio GD, it's hard to say. I can be certain about one thing, it did make a clearly audible difference.


I can't comment on other IEMs, I've only owned the one.

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Thanks for the reply. Anyone else got anything to add? Thanks again.
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Try the Shrue SE425, I used to own a 210, upgraded to SE 425 and loved it.

425's got great vocals and mids, the bass is balanced and clear, idk much about the trebles

Overall a great "jack-of-all-trades", unless you're a bass-head.


Oh and they're $299

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I am also currently using SE215, in my case with an iPod Touch 4G.  I went through a couple pairs of Shure e2c's before I got the 215's.  I own a Fiio E7 and E11, but do not use them as often with the SE215 as I do with my full size phones (B&W P5).  I have had extended listening periods with the SE425 and SE535.  Both are very good IEM's   I tried them amped and un-amped...didn't see a dramatic improvement with an amp.  I don't think you can go wrong with the 425's at the price point you are aiming for.  There is a definite improvement in the clarity and detail of the sound compared to the 215's.  The bass is not as forward as it is with the 215's, but I believe it is accurate, so not an issue for me.  I am still trying to decide between the 425 and 535...choking on the extra $200 for the 535's.  The 535's sound better than the 425's...but $200 better?  I am not so sure.  I will probably pull the trigger on the 425's.  I am not an audiophile by any stretch of the imagination, but I know what I like.

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For $300, you can get the Heir Audio 3Ai. It's highly rated here.

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I'll check those out. Thanks.
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Another option for you is the Ultimate Ears Triple-Fi 10.  If used with the Comply tips they are quite comfortable and the tips bring the treble down to a more balanced level.  I've been using mine for a couple of years now with a Westone Epic cable, which is a big upgrade from the stock cable in terms of ergonomics. The stock cable is thick and fairly stiff, whereas the Epic is like a thick piece of string (thin for a cable).


I agree with Heretix that most good EIM's will scale well with higher-quality source and amplification.  I did the same thing with my TF10's and was really impressed.  For that reason I ordered a Fiio e18.  It should arrive Tuesday the 12th. 

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