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2+ Sources into 1 Headset

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Hello everyone:


Looking for a recommendation for my PC set up. I am upgrading my headset to Beyerdynamic MMX 300 and am looking to maximize sound quality. I already have a reasonably good sound card, HT Omega Claro II.


Now, here comes the dilemma... I have been using the Astro MixAmp to feed my headsets with two audio sources - one being my main sound card (game sounds, music, primary PC sound) and then the other source being my voice communication applications such as Skype, TeamSpeak etc. The ability to balance volumes on the fly and having two audio sources is extremely convenient to me, and as such I would love to be able to replicate this ability in a better way than the MixAmp offers. 


My current thoughts are to use two sound cards, secondary sound card dedicated to voice, and then mixing them together with some sort of a mixer. Of course, I want to minimize loss of quality in any way possible, as such I am looking for suggestions as to what hardware would accomplish this best?


Thank you in advance,



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