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Are my ATH M50's fake?

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I bought these ATH M50s a while ago "used - like new" off Amazon a couple of months ago. They weren't in a condition I'd call at all "like new" as the wire had marks of dirt across it and there were creased marks across the headband but it was honestly not a bother to me so I let it be. I found the headphones somewhat underwhelming considering the reviews I'd read but I passed it off as a combination of needing to be broken in and overhype. I'm not an audiophile by any means as is clear. Anyway recently I got out an old pair of Sony headphones I had lying around my house which were only about £40 to compare it and it was certainly not £100 worth of difference, my pair may have been slightly crisper but nothing extreme and I was reminded of how weak the bass is on my pair (not that I simply want a loud thumping bass).

Anyway I went and read reviews of the ATH M50 and found my product really didn't describe what I was reading and since researched fake ATH M50s to consider if mine were fake and I'm pretty convinced mine might be.

Maybe I'm wrong and my expectations for the ATH M50s are way too high but I think they are. All my time with these I was constantly wondering how these were SO much better than beats and wanted to try a pair of beats I could get my hands on just for comparison so considering my overall experience with these headphones it would make sense that they were fake.

I also read somewhere something about fake ones having a white ear cushion thing (or at least I think that's what they were saying) and when I googled the white ATH M50's, all the images had grey ear cushions unlike mine.

Anyway I have some pictures I've uploaded in case there's any way of telling through them:


So do you think I have a fake pair?

If so what action can I take? It's nearly been two months, is it still possible to return this on Amazon or is my only choice to just keep it?


Thanks for any help.

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Looks like nice quality, might consider emailing Audio Technica, see what they have to say.

Maybe they will offer to swap the headphones?

But if your not happy with the sound, you should return them.

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