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Hi guys, first time poster long time lurker, I have read many many reviews, lots of stickies and feel like I have a decent knowledge base and as such am now asking for your opinion on what I should start looking into.


Music/Tonal Preference:


My music taste is quite broad and I honestly do listen to everything, ranging from classical and jazz to death metal. However 90-95% of the time I listen to EDM and electronica and as such my tonal preference is warmer, with some mids, just enough treble to not miss anything up high, and extremely hard punchy bass and rumbly sub bass. I really really like hard tight bass with a good sub bass rumble.


Gear history: 

Vmoda Vibes - not bad for entry level earbuds, good tight bass, wished they had more punch 


Klipsch S4i - more bass than the vibes, not as tight a little too much treble.


Vmoda M-80 - Really clear and neutral headphones, I realised just how much of my music I was missing in the highs but I really wanted more bass


Vmoda M-100 - Thus far, these are my favorite things to listen to music on, Hard hitting bass, if a little loose, decent mids and clear highs. Pretty happy but i'm sure there is something out there that is better and thats why im here asking you guys!


JVC FX800 - These are absolutely amazing IEM's I have only had them for a couple months but they blew me away when I first heard them. I didn't know it was possible to have this much bass from an IEM, crystal clear highs, if only the mids were a little more forward. With some EQ adjustment these are pretty much the perfect IEM for me and have my portability area covered.


I am at this point looking into a good amp/dac and am pretty set on the following, however suggestions and reasons behind them are always welcome.


- Schiit Asgard 2
- Schiit Bifrost Uber


Since I feel like I already have the best IEM's for my music preference in the FX800's my question to you guys is what is the best mid-high end circumaural open or closed back headphones that I should look into?


A couple I have seen repeatedly pop up in reviews and such are the following:


Hifiman HE-500

Ultrasone Pro 900

Mad Dogs with alpha cups


Any others I should look into adding to my list to go out and demo?