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Hello...I primarily listen to my 2-ch system but recently dived into the high end (at least what I consider high end) headphone world.  I have a music server that I control via an iPad with a remote app (Naim eqpt) so I wanted to build a headphone listening system around the iPad and my listening chair.  Here's what I ended up with:


iPad 2

Cambridge Audio iD100 iPod Dock

Cambridge Audio - Azur DacMagic 100

Cary HH-1

HD600 phones (I've owned these for about 15 years)


I loaded some of my favorite albums onto the iPad as FLAC files and attached the iPad to the dock via a 30-pin male to 30-pin female cable so I can control things with the iPad in my lap.  The iD100 and the DacMagic are connected with an digital rca cable.  I haven't listened extensively yet but right out of the gate the sound is pretty incredible.  Thanks for reading my post.