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Looking for CIEM, need suggestions

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Hi Head-fi, I am thinking of buying a custom iem. My only previous in-ear experience is with sony earphones, the rest is with entry level over-ears like the audio-technica ath-a900s. I was looking at the JH13 pro, as its reviews are glowing. However, I'm not sure if a 1099$ purchase right off the bat is logical. Should I get a cheaper pair for $500-600-ish with a similar sound signature to see if I really like CIEMs, or should I just jump up and get the JH 13s? Can anyone give suggestions for a cheaper pair, or even an alternative to the JH 13s in the same price range? My experience with headphones IS limited, so I have not yet adopted a prefered sound sig. Still, the JH13 might just develop one for me. :wink_face:

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I did a bit of critical listening and have a basic idea of what I'm looking for in CIEMS.

BASS: I love bass. Not boomy, overwhelming bass, but detailed, deep bass. My headphones sometimes become muddled when a synth or bass guitar is playing, and drums sometimes lack little details. I do want want sub-neutral bass, but I don't want anything that is heavily above neutral. Great detail and texture, with little to no bleed into the mid-range.  

MIDS: Same as before, nothing sub or above neutral, great detail

HIGHS: My Ath-A900s sometimes sound a bit harsh. Preferably smooth and detailed.

DETAIL: from what I've read, too much detail can make cans sound cold, or can become too analytic. I love detail, hearing every note, every instrument. However, I also love engaging headphones than are just plain fun. So I guess a slight V signature?

SOUNDSTAGE: Big, I guess? with good instrumental separation

GENRE: I has a pretty diverse repertoire of genres to listen too, so I would like a pair that can handle all things well. Play them as they are meant to be played (If not slightly more fun).


Hopefully this will help with the suggestions. I have been looking at 1964 ears for a 500-600$ price range, but I'm wondering how UE or JH audio in that range stack up too. If getting a better pair (such as the JH13) is adviseable, what other pairs are to be considered

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Alclair reference, smooth with wide soundstage.
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The JH13 looks great from the reviews. Personally, I don't really like customs, but of course, YMMV because most others seem to love them. 

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I think you should try universals in the 500 or 600$ price bracket instead of taking the ciem leap right away. There are some great options at this price.
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I was looking at the gr10 and se535ltd for universals, perhaps the asg-2. Any others? Preferably ones with a similar sound sig. to as I had previously mentioned. 

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