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I am not, by any stretch of the term, an audiophile. I do care about sound quality and I've casually visited head-fi for a couple of years now but I'm ignorant to most of the world.


Anyway, a couple months ago I needed to replace some HD201's and came on here and found out about the Meelectronics M6's. They're apparently a great value option and I picked them up and I've been satisfied with them.


I recently decided to clean them and scrape off residue from the housing and I accidentally ripped through the thin film that lays right on the top of the tube. I was completely angry that I just ruined these nice IEM's that I had absolutely no problem with.


But then I remembered that I always read on the forums here that the Meelectronics M6's do indeed suffer from bloated bass and recessed highs, so I decided to completely remove the film from both the left and right earphones and do some amateur modding and see if this will actually improve the sound. I wouldn't be risking much anyway.


I put them on and, to my non-audiophile ears, they sounded pretty damn great listening to The Beach Boys and Hooverphonic and Earl Sweatshirt. I was apprehensive of the sound, though, afraid that it's just a mental thing and I'm convincing myself that it sounds better so I could be proud of this discovery and not have to buy some new 'phones.



So, my question is: has anyone else done this, consciously, or otherwise? Maybe you will try it and can tell me the audiophile truth? Or did I just open a new door on these Meelectronics M6? Feedback greatly needed and appreciated.