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For Sale: FS: Denon D5000 in mint condition

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For Sale:
FS: Denon D5000 in mint condition

Will Ship To: European Union

Denon D5000 bought new a year ago (July 2012). They are practically new and almost unused and in pristine condition since soon I got a D7000.
They are shipped with the entire packaging in their original box in perfect condition.
As you know this model is no longer for sale and current Denon range is not up to it.
There are not many opportunities to buy these headphones!

450€ Shipped
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I'd grab them for 550$, 610$ is a bit too much in my opinion :)

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To be owner here :p If you're interested for $550 I will keep you in mind Xtri. It could very well be that I am letting this one go again before the new year arrives.

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Sounds good moriez, contact me if you decide on letting them go :)

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