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For Sale:
SOLD: Little Dot I+ tube and op-amp bundle

Will Ship To: USA

For sale is my first desktop amp, the Little Dot I+. I'm selling all of the gear I no longer need and saving up for CIEMs. This amp was purchased in September of 2011 direct from Little Dot. I have since upgraded the tubes and op-amp. 


Included in this sale:


  • Little Dot I+ unit with USA power cable
  • Mullard CV4010 matching tubes (my personal favorite, $40-$60 value)
  • Raytheon 6AK5W matching tubes ($40-60 value)
  • Telefunken 6AK5W matching tubes ($40-$50 value)
  • GE 5-star 5654 matching tubes ($30 value)
  • OPA2107 op-amp 
  • LT1364 op-amp (installed)
  • Tool for safely removing and installing op-amps
  • Caig's Deox-it ($20 value)
  • RCA to 3.5mm cable


All photos by me over the past few months.


Asking for $155 + insured shipping via PayPal (pp fee included in my price). I will be happy to calculate shipping for interested parties. I prefer US buyers for shipping purposes, but I am open to international parties.

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