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For Sale:
SOLD: Fostex T50RP (BMF V8 Modded)

Will Ship To: USA

These are the Fostex T50RP headphones modified via Head-Fi member's Bluemonkeyflyer's V8 method. I modified them myself last summer and they have been wonderful evening headphones. They also require a bit of power to drive! I was using a Little Dot M+ amp (that I am also selling in the amp section) most of the time. My iPhone drove them to acceptable levels, but an amp will be necessary to really crank the volume.


My investment into these exceeds $150 between the stock phones, Shure pads, VModa cable, and all of the mod supplies. For the price of a stock pair, I don't think you can go wrong here. Included is the stock cable as well.


Looking for $100 + insured shipping via PayPal (fee included in my price). I will be happy to calculate shipping for interested parties. Preferred US buyer, but I'm open to international. 


Reason for selling: Saving up for CIEMs!

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