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For Sale: Denon D7000

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For Sale:
Denon D7000

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I'm thinking of selling my Denon D7000s in great condition.  These are almost mint condition except one small ding on the frame which is pictured.  I love them, but I don't really use them that much.  These are in great shape, no scratches on the wood cups or frame that I've noticed.  Comes with box and manual.  CONUS only please.  PM me with any questions or concerns, if you have any reservations, please check out my feedback and be confident everything will go smoothly.

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i bought a pair of d2000s from ebay awhile back and the pleather earpads and headpad wreaked of old lady's perfume.  Needless to say, i'm slowing purging the smells.  How are smells of these puppies?  speaking of puppies, any pet smells?   thanks in advance :)

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