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the day sounds good to me!

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Yeah...Dec 15 definitely could work.


Where in GTA is your condo, FallenAngel, if I might ask?

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I'll update the main post with the "default" meet description and guidelines shortly, just wanted to send out a feeler for expected attendance.


I'm very close to the Finch Subway station, walking distance from Yonge & Finch.


This is a bit of a short notice compared to other meets, being only a month away, but having missed the last meet, I'm really interested in seeing you wonderful people, listening to lots of great gear and chatting up a storm. :)


I'll have to confirm early next week on whether I can get that party room booked for this event, as well as spend some time this weekend updating the meet thread with meet guidelines, and hopefully incite the locals to attend, hopefully getting in touch with previous attendees.


Everyone looking at this tread, please respond with a yes or no if you could make it. The important part is getting the "NO" part, so I know if there are many "regulars" not able to attend.


Hope that as many of you as possible are able to make it, and if this is your first time, do not hesitate to say "YES", we don't bite!


Basic info:

1) All are welcome! (Just respond to this post and state if you are bringing a guest)

2) Bringing equipment is completely optional, though of course, we all want to listen to different gear. Please bring what you can! Any space or power requirements will be accommodated, just let me know what you need.

3) Security is a concern that is kept only in the back of our minds, as I plan and execute my meets with great consideration. Anyone wishing to attend the meet must respond to this thread to be on the master list, including guests. This will be verified before entrance at the main security desk, as well as upon entrance to the meet.

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Available the 15th


Could bring

Audio-gd 10ES2

HD800 just got a balanced cable


Possible to bring/sell

Audio-gd compass

hd600 enigma audio silver 4pin xlr/ single ended adaptor


may bring a friend if they are interested in giving me a ride, taking photos/videos.


Hoping to try higher end dacs/amps Stax SR009 since I think I'm getting into diminishing returns.

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I'm IN!
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will be there
I can bring
jeff rowland aeris dac
Cavalli Audio Liquid Fire
little dot mk8se mod
sennheiser hd 800x2 (single end and balanced )
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I should be good for that weekend.


Could bring AudioGD NFB11.32 amp/dac, modded Hifiman HE500.


Edit: will also bring modded Koss Ksc75s, and a pair of Walmart headphones I really dig.

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will someone  bring  small  headphone  such as  k3003  se846?

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Available the 15th


Could bring


fitear togo 334.......

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i want to go but I don't have much to bring over...

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Originally Posted by zxzzxzzxxz92592 View Post

i want to go but I don't have much to bring over...

I don't think it matters if gear is brought or not, people will bring more than enough gear for everyone to audition in the time limit of this meet.

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Yes, you don't have to bring gear, but it is usually nice to bring something, you never know when someone might be interested in it.


I will bring my usual budget-fi setup + IEMs.


HE300 + millet hybrid tube amp + fiio e10 DAC

Westome um2, phonak PFE022, sennheiser momentum, JVC FXT90, UE600....Zida should be bringing everything else that is more expensive versions of what i just listed :p

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Yes I would love to attend. I dont have any gear (yet) but am really looking forward to meeting everyone and learning a lot

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I'm so down for this, but the 15th would be a no-go :frown:


I'm held up until 19th and can definitely attend afterwards. I could bring in LCD-3, Emotiva Mini, and D2000.

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I'm down with all this!


Unfortunately I have not had the time to work with Mickey Vee to organize anything.  :( Sorry guys!


BTW, I'll bring my el-cheap-o Stax.

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