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It has not happened yet. Unfortunately Pavel (Fallenangel) has been pretty busy, however this does not preclude someone else organizing this meet if they have the time and energy to do so.

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I have been to the last one on May at downtown. It is pretty good.

Can we just follow the format of last time and setup a paypal donation box?


I am pretty sure we can arrange some public place to meet base on what we got.

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Time and energy to arrange a meet is not a problem.  Chris & I have already volunteered and checked a few locations.  The problem is finding a sutable location that is not cost prohibative and accessable to all.

Pavel has the best of both worlds with a party room avaiable.  If Pavel does host, I would strongly encourage the group that we ensure that his costs are covered. Just my opinion.

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If were not careful, then Winter might end before we get around to this. But then again... this is Canada - fat chance of that happening.

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I would be very happy to contribute some of what is needed to cover the costs of running this meet. If a paypal is set up, I'll be sure to donate.

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Absolutely willing to contribute. I'm still holding on to the faint hope that this could happen in Jan. Unfortunately I will be out of town in Feb. Damn!
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If I'm in time to make a meet, could someone fill me in on the details?
I live in Montreal but Toronto is a free train ride away.
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Originally Posted by GL1TCH3D View Post

If I'm in time to make a meet, could someone fill me in on the details?
I live in Montreal but Toronto is a free train ride away.

It hasn't been scheduled yet.
Don't worry, you didn't miss it! biggrin.gif
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Anyone close Peterborough? If the timing is right (I'm away mid-feb) I'll drive and we could split on gas.

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I'm also still keeping an eye on this.  If things pan out with regard to timing I would totally be interested.


I'll stay tuned for details!

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I'm also still expecting to go to the meet whenever it happens.  Coming in from Kitchener area.  Can do carpool if needed.


Also willing to donate to the event.

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Update for me! 

I can bring

ALO Audio "The Island"
SR 325is
AKG K550

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Well, it looks like it won't happen in January. 

Here's to hoping for Feb!

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Going away for spring break so hopefully it won't be during that time xD
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This hifi meet is like the GS-X wait...........

Always going to be later~


I guess we should just construct the summer meet around May when the weather is nice and sunny.

-30 really isn't going to make people want to go out.

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