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Headphones to replace my Razer Orca

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I had problems with the Orca. Not with the sound quality, which really pleased me, but with the cable: First, I got the typical problem of losing one of the channels, sent them to the Razer Official Service of here, Argentina, and recieved a poor repair (they replaced the cable with an used one, the same but used, I found that because the gold covering on the plug had traces of wear), but since they worked fine, I didn't say anything. After some use I got problems with the plug, it detached from the rubber covering, leaving the cables exposed. Now it's again on the Service, they told me they would replace the cable again. And i'm thinking of selling them and replace with better ones.

I also have a Senheiser HD598 but it's not mine so I can only use it as reference. Had listened also to the HD205 and I did not liked how they sounded.

I'm from Argentina, my max. budget is 800 pesos (around 115 dollars, but it's hard to tell, since here a $50 headphones costs 600 pesos)

I use a iPod Touch 5G for listening to music. It works very well with the HD598 without an amplifier. And I will use them only at home.

Here is what i've seen with my comments of what i've seen on the net about them:

- Pioneer SE-A1000 (700-800 pesos depending on the store, that's around 110 dollars) <--- This is the one that has convinced me more
  +++I like what i've read of them. I'm not going to "mod" them, at least not for the beggining.
 -I don't like that the cable is 6 meter long (since I will use them for my iPod).
 -Cushion material looks unconfortable against my Orca's (same material as the HD598)

- Philips SHO9650 - The Stretch (600 pesos - around 85 dollars)

 + Detachable cable

 + Cool design
 - - - "Muffled sound" I'm afraid the sound quality may be worse than my Orca's.

- Takstar HI2050 (590 pesos)
  + Read good things about them.


- Shure SHR440 (1050 pesos - around 142 dollars, that's off my budget, but well... one doesn't know)
  ++ Featured on this forum's 2013 guide
  +Detachable cable FTW!


- Sony MDR-V6 (985 pesos - around 140 dollars, it's the same case as the Shure)

 + Read very good things about them


- Marshall Major Black ( 884 pesos, a little over the budget)
 - Overpriced (?)

- AKG K99 (969 pesos, over the budget) - My dad had in the 90's a pair of K240. I remember they were awesome!


- AKG K512 (850 pesos)

- Audio Technica M40 (980 pesos)

- Audio Technica M35 (788 pesos)

- JBL J55I (889 pesos)

- Presonus HD7 (it's a Superlux 681 - 590 pesos... idk.. maybe it can surprise you... ??? )


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I do not reccomend Marshall headphones at all. Getting a pair of Mayors is not a good idea, at all. (built quality, sound quality, confort)
Shure Srh440 and Sony V6 are good headphones but closed back. I've read many paople complaining about Srh440 confort. On the other hand there are some fake V6 out there in this world, then you should be careful.

If you don't need isolation (IMO) Pioneer Se-A1000 is still the way to go. Don't worry about the earpads, this are really confortable headphones.
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