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For Sale or Trade:
[sold sig] STAX Lamba Signature + SRM-212 amp + SRE-725 ext cable. Excellent condition

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I have a Stax Lambda Signature (pro bias) headphone and an SRM-212 (120V wall wart included) for sale.

This combo sounds absolutely fantastic with a wide, spacious soundstage, deep, accurate bass, rich mids and smooth treble. It’s one of the better headphones I’ve ever heard.

I received this used earlier this year and love it but need to sell it to fund some other, non audio related items. The pads on the Signature are like new. They are full and not cracked at all. I suspect they were changed out only a year or so ago but can’t guarantee it. The Sig was, I believe, the first Stax not to use foam inside the driver enclosure so there’s no deteriorating foam that would need to be replaced or removed.

The SRM-212 amp is very good at driving these headphones. I hear very clear, textured bass from this setup and all the expected details and layered sound one expects from a Stax Lambda setup.

The SRm-212 does not have the original rubber feet but new ones can be glued on easily. I’m using some basic isolation spacers to keep it in place.

Also included is a like-new SRE-725 extension cord for the stax headphone so you can listen up to 2.5 meters further away. (costs $125 new)


edit: Signature sold. new ad up for amp/cable

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