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Now that I have been paying closer attention to music I am noticing that some songs sound strange to me.


For example, Sarah McLachlan's "Building a Mystery" from the album "Surfacing", that song seems to me to have really recessed and/or veiled vocals and to a lesser degree the other songs in the album do too.


I also just checked out Haim's "Days Are Gone" album and it seems to me like the bass tends to obscure the vocals and sometimes the bass register sounds like it is distorting even at rather conservative listening volumes. At first I attributed this to Spotify's lossy compression but Amazon Cloud Player's version sounds just as strange. I am waiting fo the CD to arrive in the mail to see if it sounds any different.


What surprises me is that a really bass-intensive song like The Weeknd's "High for This" sound really pleasant, so it is not that I am bass-averse.


I mostly listen from a rockboxed Sansa Clip+ with Grado SR 80i, JVC HA-FXT90 and JVC HA-S500. I also have a Fiio E11 that I rarely use.


Comments and opinions and instruction are welcome and greatly appreciated.