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I use them both and must say there isn't a noticeable difference imo.

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I have started a thirty day free trial with Deezer, and to my ears with HQ enabled the sound quality is not 320 at all. I'm tempted to give Spotify a try with HQ enabled. 'HQ' tracks on Deezer sound like a typical transcoded file you'd find cut off at 16khz; everything sounds muddy. 


I'm interested to hear other peoples opinions on this who have Deezer. I've seen some threads where people swear by the service. I am open to the possibility that this could be all psychological. Maybe there was one 128kbps file and it changed my outlook. 

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Can't comment on Deezer, but this thread got me interested, since I occasionally use Spotify premium on my mobile phone. I burnt some songs from my CD's and converted them to 320kbps mp3's. The mp3's I burnt sounded better on my phone and way better on my big rig using various headphones. I've got a bunch of theories why this is, but it doesn't matter. Unfortunately Spotify doesn't provide true 320kbps quality.

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I probably should've updated the thread, since it's been a while and Deezer seems to have upgraded their entire library to 320kbps since(according to the amount of data that is transferred during streaming). I've actually moved from Spotify to Deezer around 3 months ago, and as far as sound quality goes, I've got no complains.
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