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Yes i know there are threads running already on the topic but the impressions are very vague on those.The main aim of this thread is to-


1)whether xba-h1 are worth the price??

2)Comparisons with similar priced earphones

3)strengths and weaknesses

4)what are the best sources to play these


My final impression inshort----The pairing of a full ba driver with a dynamic 9mm unit has lead to too much bass seriously compromising mids and low highs.I would have liked passive crossover instead of the likely mechanical crossover.


I would rate them at about 50-60$ but only if u like bass.People vying for clarity need to look elsewhere.


options with ppl


1)meelectronics a161p----excellent clarity with very good mids and tight bass(bassheads look elsewhere)

2)brainwavz m3---------------old is gold when u think of these.excellent all over earphones

3)xba-3-------------------------have heard these,,,,way better detail than h1 but bass is a bit less,which i think is more balanced approach

4)brainwavz r3-----------------have not heard but reviews are very good with 2 year warranty,too good to miss at 130$

5)hifiman re-400---------------my friend has it and it sounds pretty neutral for something going for 100$,,,,,almost similar to m3 but less colourful



in my opinion all the options are better than h1 with better sound quality and warranty conditions

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