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Hello all!   Well the unthinkable happened a few days ago...   My beloved Sennheiser ie80s that I've been listening to pretty much 8 hours a day for the past year were stolen from my desk.  I bought these puppies after reading many reviews on head-fi and bought them in the end because of it's large soundstage.


Well since I can't really function without music, I'm in the immediate market for a new pair.  I would really be interested in hearing what you fine folks can recommend for me.  My history with earphones are as follows:


2005-2011: various shure earphones including E3, E3c, E4

2012-(3 days ago): Sennheiser ie80


As for my music listening profile, I mostly listen to music from my Nexus 4 with high quality sound enabled via a hacked kernel, I spend my time listening to:


Classical 40%

Rock 35%

Hard Rock/Metal 15%

Hip Hop 10%


The things I really liked about the Sennheiser  ie80s and the previous shures were the clarity of the subtle instruments especially in classical pieces and rock solos like Led Zeppelin.  For hard rock I guess it doesn't really matter just as long as the sound is clear and the bass isn't too strong to drown things out.  


I don't mind spending up to $400 or so on a new pair but obviously not spending that much is welcome unless they are truly spectacular.  Thanks in advance for your recommendations on getting my next pair!