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For Sale:
ALO PanAm Dac/Tube Headphone Amp

Will Ship To: Europe

In good condition. Beautiful diminutive dac tube amp. Dac is usb in and goes up to 24 bit 96 hz. Takes phono in usb in and lod in. Outputs to an iem or full sized (but only one at a time).
Tube rolling already set up for you. The accessories box contains 2 Siemens 5560 tubes as extras to the standard tubes.
There's a high and low gain switch- it runs the t1 and hd800 on low gain to ear splitting levels. The unit runs on 12v and is a very low power consumption. I ran it from a battery pack with great results.
The ALO PanAm is not available to buy in the UK which is a great shame. There won't be many of these come up for grabs in England secondhand. Hopefully someone out there will want to be the next owner. Comes with mains adapter and everything is in good condition and will be securely wrapped.