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any audiophile that listens to trance.

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All the audiophiles I see listen to classic music. But I listen to Trance and Psy-Trance like Lange and Infected Mushroom. Are there any other people on this forum that listens to trance?

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trance, psytrance and goa are my favorite music to listen to. I listen to any style of music, but 30% of my listening time is psytrance or goa.


my favorite infected mushroom album is converting vegetarians cd1 trance side.


my all time favorite album are:


pleiadians: i.f.o

etnica: alien protein.

astral projection: trust in trance

e-mantra: arcana.


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I like Schiller. 

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I'm not a big fan of Goa or Psychedelic Trance, but I love trance nonetheless. My favourite artists are Solar Fields (Earthshine is a near-perfect trance album for me) and Vibrasphere. 

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gotta love ATB & Dash Berlin :p

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Trust me, not all audiophiles listen to classical... that's just a stereotype. In fact, more audiophiles probably listen to classic rock than classical. I listen to rock, acoustic, grunge, punk, alternative, electronic, folk, female vocalists, symphonic metal, gothic metal, death metal, and euphoric hardstyle. The closest thing to classical that I listen to is symphonic metal, but I wouldn't consider it at all like classical aside from the use of piano and violins.

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You have to remember that "classical music" was the pop music of their time.


If Mozart had been alive today he might very well have been into trance :rolleyes:


I like most of the classic big names trance: Sasha & John Digweed, DJ Tiesto, Armin v. Buren etc.


I can dig infected mushrooms when I'm in the right mood. Sometimes I even listen to hardstyle. Great for the gym if nothing else:


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I listen to Trance 99% of the time but I still consider myself an audiophile. Too bad it's not being produced the way it used to be these days.

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I listen to lots of electronic music.  I don't know if it's considered trance as I hate trying to label every genre under "electronic"  but as you can see a lot of us do.  There's a thread "Why don't audiophiles like electronic music" and I'd say the biggest reason for this generalization is because from an engineering stand point it's perfect.  There is no background noise, no breath to hear in between lyrics and no fingers strumming the guitar.  That's the kind of stuff you really appreciate with high end equipment and it can obviously only be had with real acoustic recordings. I'd say a good 1/3rd of my collection is some form of electronic music.  

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I LOVE Dash Berlin. Check out his soundcloud page. He adds new sets all the time. Sound quality varies though on the soundcloud tracks because the audio source varies from set to set.

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Another trance fan here, although only 10% of my music collection is trance.


Stuff like "DumondeTomorrow (JamX & De Leon Remix)" .... awesome :beyersmile:

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