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Bassy headphones

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Hey guys im looking for some help picking out my first pair of decent headphones. I mainly listen to Hardstyle and other EDM music, so im looking for some punchy bass. My budget is around $100-$130 dollars. I was looking at  sennheiser 518s or 558s but knowing they are open i assumed they wouldn't be the best for me. I would really like something over the ear vs on ear. I would be using them on my computer paired with my xonar dg sound card so bulkiness and such isn't really a factor as i wont be bringing them out and about. Thanks for any help you guys can offer it is all a big help as i am not to knowledgeable in this area.

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An good choice would be a pair of denon hp700's (around $100) with new pads (like m50 pads or shure pads, they come up to about 15 dollars) as they are excellent in terms of bass speed, amount, and texture, also they have fantastic detailing in the wonderful mids and highs and are fairly portable. Another recommendation would be the M-audio Q40 (also $100) as I've heard that they are very bassy. Another note, stay away from the Audio-technica m50's as they have a lot of sibilance in the highs and the mids are very recessed.

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