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For Sale:
Cyrus CD6S CD (Compact Disc) Player with original box!

Will Ship To: USA/Canada/Local Pickup

This breaks my heart of doing this but I'm selling my very great sounding Compact Disc player.

For sale is the complete in box 100% working Cyrus CD6S Compact Disc (CD) player from the Mid-2000s. I'm the second owner of this player. The player was just the CD6 model but it was later upgraded to the CD6S modifications. While on the CD Player itself and its boot up will show just the CD6, the player does perform as the CD6S. A special shielded baseplate upgrade document from Cyrus is included with this deal. Also if you look at the CD tray you will see Turquoise construction paper. This works very similar to the popular Code Turquoise CD tray tweak where the sound benefited from the tweak with better focus and better pacing/rhythm/timing. This is a very important tweak and I highly recommended to leave it on.

The condition of the player itself is 8/10 There are signs of use from over the years with very minor small marks on the player but noting serious. My pictures don't do it justice but it looks much better up front!

The remote is more of a 7/10 with good signs of use but it works excellent from the day I purchase it!

The original box is also 7/10 with good signs of use but it still holds everything just fine!

This deal also includes all documentation, smaller box to hold the remote and documents, and an unused pair of RCA interconnects intended for Crrus MC-BUS connection system.

In other words this includes EVERYTHING that came with the player.

Regarding the sound: If you are looking for a very British sound that does a great job with pacing/rhythm/timing then this player will be great for you. The sound is on the warm side but very, very balanced. It will play almost anything with excellent resolution and it outperforms its selling price about 4x the competition. I heard some Arcams, Regas, and Musical Fidelitys CD players in the past and honestly I thought the Cyrus was the best performer.

If you also want to use it as a CD Transport you can through Toslink output only.

I'm only selling the player due to the fact I'm downsizing my equipment + I moved onto a computer based setup. Don't worry I'm always buying CDs for my ever growing collection.



Now the price (read everything carefully):


US: $550 shipped with USPS Priority Mail (2-3 day shipping), tracking and full insurance. 

Canada: $580 shipped with USPS Priority Mail International (6-10 business days), tracking and full insurance. 

Pickup from Jacksonville, FL: $525.


Payments accepted are Paypal (3% extra required if doing Paypal) or Money Orders (will check to make the Money Order is real, I been scammed once with a fake Money Order).

I will not ship this product outside of US and Canada so please don't ask. Also everything with the player (and the box) will be in a slightly bigger box so I will not be using the original box as its shipping box.

If you have any questions you can email me and I will be sure to reply ASAP! If you are in Jacksonville, FL you are more than welcome to audition the product though higher end Grado headphones.


Thank you for looking!

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