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For Sale: UM Pro 30

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
UM Pro 30

Will Ship To: CONUS

Looking to sell these for cash. No trades. CONUS only. PM me with questions.

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How about it sounds? Compared to UM3XRC

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I believe it sounds the same, just has a new removable cable, new housing, better looks, etc.

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I'd love to purchase these, can you let me know how to go about paying since you don't use paypal?  I'd assume check / money order?  Sorry i would have pm'ed you but i'm out of PM"s for the day apparently lol.  If we can do this ASAP that'd be great, i can mail out to you today/tomorrow - leaving for vacation next weekend and would be awesome to take these with me!




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Yeah I accept postal money orders. If you want to contact me you can e-mail me at since you're out of PMs.

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Dude, didn't you win these from the Westone twitter contest? Guess you didn't care for them at all.

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Nothing wrong with them. They're very good as they're the UM3X. I thought they would be something new though and I'm liquidating a lot of my stuff to help fund my move.

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