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Yamaha and Paradigm... Sound Company in San Diego!

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Hey I'm in the market for a good home theater system somewhere in the price range of 2-3k, and just wanted to share my experience at Sound Company. I was in the store yesterday and I've gotta say I was really impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of the people working at Sound Company. The worst thing about it is they are located in the same parking lot as Phil's Barbecue so you get really hungry while auditioning speakers!

I went in not really knowing what I was looking for but Jonathan and Jose were very helpful in pointing me in the right direction. At first I was looking at headphones, tried out the new B&W P7's, sounded incredible! I had them hooked up to my phone, was listening to spotify and sounded great, but halfway through my song I got a phone call. To my surprise, the P7s had a microphone and they instantly turned into a super awesome headset and I was able to hear my friend perfectly.  After the headphones they showed me some speakers by Paradigm called Atoms, and I've gotta say they sounded awesome for the price, only $399 a pair! They also had some bigger ones in there called Monitor 11's and those things were phenomenal. They had them hooked up to a Yamaha receiver and it sounded great, heard some things in their "True Lies" demo that I've never heard before! They also showed me a setup with Studio series speakers that sounded amazing but was a little out of my price range. I ended up leaving without purchasing anything but I'll definitely be going back soon to pull the trigger, as soon as the wife releases the christmas funds!

What does everybody else think of Yamaha and Paradigm? Any thoughts negative or positive? Thanks!

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Paradigm makes great speakers. They have a sister company called Anthem that manufactures electronics. You may want to check that out and see how it compares to a Yamaha / Paradigm setup.


PSB is another well-regarded name that is usually mentioned in the same sentence. Their sister company, NAD, also manufactures high-performing, high-value electronics, though I've read that their home theater receivers may not be as reliable as their traditional 2-channel equipment.

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