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Introduction to me

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I just joined this forum because I just found it and had questions about headphones.


I am interested in using headphones for listening to music, radio and video (including streaming.


I have two relatively inexpensive over the ear headphones and am interested in using them in an optimal fashion.  Eventually, I hope to know enough through using these headphones to either be satisfied they meet my needs or learn what to move "up" to.


I wish to use headphones in the following situations:

1. While traveling

2. When listening without disturbing my spouse

3. Possibly to make and take phone calls


I imagine I will learn about other usages by participating in the forum.


Hello, all

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Well, I for one hope that you can get the answers you seek.  I know that there is a lot of information here and a lot of it may seem daunting at first.


Some observations, based on what you want to use your headphones for:


For 1 and 2, depending of course on the mode of travel, you will likely want a decent Closed headphone.  Closed headphones offer noise isolation (not to be confused with noise canceling, which imparts artificial noise and impacts sound quality) in addition to (in almost all cases) more bass impact.


For #3, I know that there are some pre-made cables that offer a built in mic.  You may end up with a higher quality headphone if you look for a good closed headphone with a removable cable (or if you're feeling particularly handy, mod an existing pair to have a removable cable) and use a cable like that with them.  One that I've seen offers standard 3.5mm plugs on both ends so it would be easier to use it in most cases than, say, an AKG headphone with a removable cable which will likely be a mini-xlr connector on one end.


Best of luck to you on your quest.  If you have some specifics in mind, please state them so we can help you.


And as they say...sorry about your wallet :gs1000smile:

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Hi stevesr0 welcome to Head Fi!

You definitely need a closed back headphone, probably circumaural (More comfortable than on ear), there are tons of headphones like that with different sound signatures ( more bass, mids etc), materials and more! This is the science of Head Fi.



Originally Posted by liquidzoo View Post

And as they say...sorry about your wallet :gs1000smile:


This!! :)

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