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I am very happy with my Beyerdynamics Custom One Pro for home use, but they're a tad too big for travel. Plus, I don't like the optional microphone for headset use... So I'm looking for something small too use on a cell phone, and, important: I absolutely detest in-ears.

After some research I found the JVC HA-SR75S-W-E (great product name) and the AKG K452, both are about the same price. Now, has anybody tested them both, and could help me with the decision, please?

The JVC have Neodymium magnets (no, I don't know sh-- about technics, but it sounds good, and I am aware that they CAN really improve the sound), which might be a plus. On the other hand, the cable is not detachable, and having just bought a new cable for my Beyerdynamics, I am perfectly aware, how easily they can be damaged... The AKGs' cable is replacable (and the headphones come with a transport case, wow!), but there's no Neodymium.

Thanks for any answer!