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I've been using my Shure SE210 for the past 2 or 3 years and if I remember correctly I think I paid around or close to £100 for these.
I used to travel to London once a month (2 hours/15 mins train journey each way) and the SE210 did me proud for a few years but unfortunately as of late, the rubber around the earbud is starting to wear off but they still sound good as new.
Basically I'm looking to buy a new pair of in ears.
I'm really not sure what I should be looking for but what I do know is the music I listen to is Uplifting Trance music which is usually made with a tempo of 140 beats per minute or there abouts. (To give you an idea of how fast/banging this music is)
The SE210 I've been listening to well it wasn't until I really started listening to proper 2-channel stereo on my Yamaha AVR/ Monitor Audio RX6's did I realise the SE210's sound "dull" and lifeless.
The mids are quiet emphasised and the treble isn't as clear as it should sound and also the bass isn't as deep as it should be. I think the lack of bass power on the SE210 is my main concern.

My budget is between £150-£200 top end, I don't think I could justify paying anything over £200 as I no longer need to make the train trips to London, these would be just for listening to music at night in bed.
(I know I can get much better value and better sounding over-headphones at this price) but It's just the convenience of IEM's, I can't see myself ever taking over-headphones out of the house.

Can anyone recommend some nice clear IEM's with a good seperation of sound/natural sounding with a nice low end/bass extension?