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Good deals for noise isolating headphones for studying for small people?

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Good morning folks!


New person here :)

I'll cut right to the chase. 

I am a college student and I need a really really good pair of noise isolating portable, comfortable headphones. 

Basically, I am going to be wearing it for like 2 hours, then take it off for 30min, then put it on for 2 hours etc. 

I need it to block out 1) conversations, 2) little miscellaneous noises (ex: pens clicking, feet shuffling, the door, etc)

My budget is right around $100. 

I have looked at the following forum:



And I figured the Sennheiser HD280 and 380? was recommended by various people so I tried it out at my local Best Buy. The headphones, I found them to be very loose?big? and i could still hear muffled noises (ex: the T.v and the radio noises were still there). Its funny cause there was a portion of people that said that these headphones had a "vice grip" . . .I am not too sure if they are like that cause the comments refer to the new and the ones I was wearing were really old. 


So .  . . . .are there good noise isolating headphones for really small petite people? Bose is very expensive

I am considering the Shure 440 and the Beyerdynamic DT770 and the Sony MDR V6? . . .but I am not too sure about the fit or about their noise isolation capability. 


Also, I wanted to ask you guys . . .since Black Friday is coming up, do you think that any of these headphones will be on sale? Should I wait till then? What would be your buying strategy? Is there any anticipated headphone sale for this upcoming Black Friday or do we truly have to wait till that day in order to find out?


Your help would be great!

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hiya, welcome to head fi

 which sources do you want to connect the headphone (laptop or ipod or something else)?

Have you considered in ear phones? I have a pair of CX 500, which does the passive noise isolation very well. My office is like an open market. I can not focus without blocking external disturbing noises! I have been using cx 500 for about 3+ years.

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Yes I have definitely considered in ear headphones but they hurt a lot after sometime. 

Mainly I am going to be hooking it up to my Macbook pro and/or my HTC Android.

I also listen to mostly classical, relaxational, instrumental/oriental music . . .if that helps.

I was also looking for something more around the ears/on the ears as opposed to headphones that are in ear. 



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I would go with DT 770 80 Ohm (closed) phone. I guess, a headphone amp or dac/amp is needed to get full benefits

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80 ohms . . . .is there a difference between the 250ohms one and the 80 ohms? 

Also, since Black Friday is right around the corner . . .is it possible to get any of the noise isolating headphones on sale?( Just asking) 

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What IEMs have you tried that hurt? The right size tips and Comply foams might change your mind. Or maybe not - I do know some folks that just absolutely hate IEMs of any kind. But the isolation is definitely going to be better with proper fitting IEMs.
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Bose's noise cancelling function is good, but not the sound quality.


why are so much concerned about noise isolation? where do you study?


Dt770 is available in three versions, 32 Ohm (closed), 80 Ohm (closed) and 250 Ohm (open). 80 Ohm version would benefit from fiio amps, but 250 Ohm version needs T1 or Schiit magni to drive.


have you tried sennheiser cx series? After trying out sony, philpis, creative..... I found cx series is very comfy to me. I have been using CX 400 II for the past 2 years (2nd pair) and cx 550 for about 3+ years.

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It usually depends on where I study . . .sometimes cafes, cafeteria areas, university hallways/lounges, at home ( which can be surprisingly noisy). 


As far as the IEMs that I have used so far . . .I remember using the Apple inner ear phones with that came with my Nano. 

They were good at first, but they quickly wore out,and they would hurt my inner canal. 

Then they would always fall off when I was doing a vigorous activity( ex: running, working in the lab etc). 


Yes, I have looked into Bose, but they are expensive and i am not ready for them yet. 

I have tried one of the seinheiser's at the store . .and they were a bit too big? or loose for me . . .are the ones that you recommend rubinstein supposed to be a smaller version?

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I used my apple ear buds for about one month, they were not comfy at all. It was like seven years ago.


Cx 400 II comes with ear cushions of three different sizes such as small, medium and large (http://www.amazon.com/Sennheiser-400-II-Stereo-Ear-Canal-Headphones/dp/B001EZWO5O/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1383255173&sr=8-1&keywords=cx+400).


medium cushion fits in my ear canal very well. I go to sleep with these phones.


I guess, you need to find which cushion fits in your ear well and start using the same.


I would suggest you to get audiophile quality headphones instead of Bose!

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Hey Rubinstein and all!


So . . .today I got to try out the Schure440s? Those were extremely nice! They fit my head well . . .didn't block all of the noise . . .maybe about 70%?


Like when I tried them on in the audio store, I still could hear the store music and people's conversations . . .I couldn't hear the movement of feet or boxes or the little noises . . .like the door opening and closing. 

The guy at the store said no true noise isolating headphone blocks out sound. 

He suggested noise cancellation headphones . . .called Able Planet True Fidelity NC180B . . .they didn't have any at the store so I can't tell if its good or not. Does anyone have these headphones?


I think that it is better that I stay away from IEMs . . .I know that they deliver very good noise isolation but I don't want to damage my ears in the long run . . .and on that note I don't like noise cancellation either . . .considering I don't know what that "active frequency that's actually supposed to block out outside noise" is going to do to my ear in the long run.


Suggestions? Experiences? 

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here is shure 440 impression thread, http://www.head-fi.org/t/458545/shure-srh440-impression. you can post your query there.


Regarding IEMs, if you play the music at medium volume, nothing will happen to your ears! I have been using IEM's for about 7 years.


I use open headphone (HE 400) at home. I live in city center, hence there is a lot of noise from outside. I try to block the external disturbance by listening music and thus keeping me focused at my work (It is not perfect in blocking noise and it is a open design phone, but the feeling of listening music from HE 400. I can manage the small disturbances). I do the same in office by using CX 550. CX 550 blocks about 65 to 70% of noise by keeping them in my ears and without music. With medium loudness of music, I do not hear any outside noise.


Have you looked at the beyerdynamic DT 770 80 Ohm close phones?

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Yes I looked at the beyerdynamic DT770 . . . .they were huge. 

 I will look at the Schure Impression thread . ..thanks for that. 

I am more into this "Able Planet noise canceling headphone" . . . .I don't seem to find that many? reviews for it. 

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Check out the Etymotic  HF5  and MC5. These are excellent at blocking noise.


Isolating headphones will make your ears overheat with extended use. An isolating earphone is much better.

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