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How do trades work?

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Hello, not sure if this is appropriate here, but I had this weird question here: how does trades in the forums usually work? I mean when two owners reach a consent to trade each other's headphones/amps/etc with each other, do they just send out their item on their own? What could be some possible guarantee that some one does not cheat? 

If this is really a bad question, maybe the admin could do something like deleting this thread or ban me for some time...Just please be forgiving, since I simply can not find any relevant information by searching or by looking here. I looked at the guides for the FS/FT forum but found nothing. 

Now the motive of this is of course I'm kind of interested in making some trade...

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In the end it's all about trust. (well mostly)


Also using Paypal helps - never send money as a gift. 

Sending money for 'goods/services' means that you can make a claim if the goods don't arrive and you can reverse the transaction. 


If someone wants to trade, they'll mention in the FS forum that they're open to trades.

This means you make an offer - usually tell him/her the list of headphones/equipment you have for trade. In rare cases, someone is willing to trade for an Xbox/Playstation or an MP3 player or mobile phone and make that known in the classified.

It usually helps to have an inventory of surplus equipment you're willing to trade, as you need to have something that someone else actually wants.

If you do have something, but it's MORE or LESS valuable than what YOU want from them, you then need to talk about balancing the trade with a small money transaction. 


If you're unsure, make sure the person has some positive trader feedback.

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It is the same way as you'd do something with a shop online, but in this case, it is with a person (though shops are run by people, so it isn't really that different).

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Thanks GREQ, so it is mainly about trust then... I guess that means I should try to get some good sale/buying feedbacks before I start thinking about trades... 

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Originally Posted by marshallmole View Post

Thanks GREQ, so it is mainly about trust then... I guess that means I should try to get some good sale/buying feedbacks before I start thinking about trades... 

Not necessarily - I see you've already got +1 feedback. That's more than enough for some people.

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Mainly trust.

Been on here for a while, and only recently got scammed. User is banned.

It's usually fine, and goes smoothly
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Some people are much more trusting than I am - I would only trade in person or with someone that I have been communicating with for a long, long time. Especially if we were talking about a deal of several hundred dollars. Quite frankly, I would rather just sell my item and buy the next item than try to work out trades. Trades always seem complicated.
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Thanks, but looks like people do have different opinions on this. So I guess it depends on who you're dealing with. 

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I see. That's certainly a good point. I was simply feeling that since I know I will eventually use the money for other gear, trading might save some trouble. But of course the way it works is risky. For the time being let me put little hope on that then. 

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