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I want to upgrade my headphones. My Sony MDR-XB500 headphones are getting old ( bought them around 5 years ago). I would be using them 70% for gaming, 30% for music. I was considering getting a wireless gaming headset (logitech g930) but I have heard a lot of bad things about going that route. Anyways I am pretty new at this and want to really improve the quality, and be able to skype while im gaming, etc.

The headphones I have in mind is the Audio Technica ATH-AD700, and for the mic the Zalman Zm-Mic1. I am also considering going with a modmic instead.

I am using a laptop and the sound input hole (power socket?) has a short so I want to get a usb sound card also. I have been looking at Xonar U3.

Do you have any suggestions for a better headphone/ mic/ usb sound card option? I will probably wait until black friday/cyber monday week to buy all of this stuff, but I want to start getting a better idea of what is the right setup to go with. If it matters the laptop I am using is an asus g75. Thanks in advance!