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best headphones for <$400

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hey guys, im looking to buy a new pair of headphones to replace my sennheiser hd 439's (not that anything is wrong with them, i love them but im just to take the next step up(pretty big step i know) i listen to mainly metal/rock and dubstep. im looking at the sennheiser  momentums but heard they are a little slow for metal, any suggestions?

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What are you going to drive them with - PC, phone? Are you going to use a headphone amp? Since you listen to dubstep, should we assume you want basshead 'phones?
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Look into the V-Moda M100 and ATH WS99, not the momentum (may not have enough bass).
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I will be going with the vmoda m100 thanks for your help!
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If you're  a "metalhead" the M100 could have too much bass for your liking!

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HE 400?

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who said metalheads cant like bass

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No one said that.
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Mad dogs! They're pretty fast.

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That wasn't what I meant :P I meant for Metal/Rock tracks the bass could be too much

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Originally Posted by darkfire2024 View Post

Mad dogs! They're pretty fast.


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