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Nice to have helped. Enjoy them!



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Can anyone compare xb90ex with the wooduo 2?
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I've owned the xb90ex, sold it. Still own the WD2. The WD2 kicks the xb90ex's ass is all areas of bass reproduction. To me the xb90 sounded plastic, polite and weak. The bass was very inconsistent. Also, the xb90 didn't do anything else expect "try" to do bass. The WD2 has a very enjoyable sound. I can compare it to the old Sennheiser IE8's when they are burned in properly. The WD2 carries a lot of bass, and also has a nice sparkle. For anything with EDM type music, the WD2 is a win. It will do other genres nicely as well. It is amazing because the WD2 is so light and small, yet it carries a punch.

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Ie80>wd2 tbh imho.
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I have both the Wooduo2 and the XB90's.  It depends (IMO) in whether you are going to amp them.  The wooduo2's while claiming 127 db sensitivity (meaning my ears should about bleed before they clip or distort).   They started distorting about 2/3's volume on my E12 or Cayin C5 (I tried both).  Was playing clean flacs.  The Sony's can handle a LOT more power.  I typically use the amp at about 75-90 % volume.  The Sony's handle it fine.  So do ATH-CKR10's but they are not bass heavy. Oh, using a Fiio X3 or Rockboxed iPod as source.

I use both depending on where I am going.  I'll take the Wooduo's when I am going to be in public, the Sony's at home :).

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