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So I got the Momentum's last week and they sound superb. Balanced and I love the build and they actually fit me very well so no issues there, they are ultra-comfortable.


However, being really curious about the V-Moda's M100's and not being able to find a single place in Toronto that carries them locally I had to order from One thing I noticed is that the Senn's require about 2 more clicks of the volume button from my iPhone 5 than my Etymotic HF3's to sound about the same volume to me even though impedance is 16 vs 18 ohm's so not a big difference (sensitivity seems to be 110dB on Senn's). I just chalked this up to having to power a bigger driver and the fact that the Ety's go deep into the ear canal. The interesting thing however is the M100's sound louder by about one click of the volume button compared to the Senn's as-well in spite of being 32 ohm cans and 103dB sensitivity. Is this normal for the Senn's or does it sound like there may be an issue?


My overall impressions on the headphones for anyone interested:

While I like the M100's for the electronic music and the build (cable feels like it will last way longer) and they are far more portable with the smaller case, the sound profile didn't blow me away. Except the bass. The bass is indeed impressive. 


However, vocals sound much better on the Momentum's. In fact I even think rap/hip-hop is better on the Momentum's because the M100's bass is drowning out a lot of the mids and upper mids for me. The Momentum's just sound more detailed and more my cup of tea.


I am coming from Etymotic ER-4P and HF3 headphones though which are very forward on the treble and mids while being quite bass light so M100's were like a complete 180 shift from those anyways.


Anyways think I will return the M100's and keep the Senn's given they are just much more versatile as I listen to everything from electronic to rap/hop, rock, classical, downtempo, jazz, etc.


Just really wondering about the volume differences between the sets?

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