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Recommanded cheap in-ear (about 20$)

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Hey guys, I'm looking for new, cheap, in-ear headphones. Something in like 20-25 dollars on ebay.

I'm listening mostly to rock music of all kinds, hard, folk, progressive etc. I would like headphones with detailed sound and as much as clarity as possible. Bass isn't that important. Also, I'm living in israel so if you able to find a seller who ships worldwide please let me know. Thanks guys and have a nice day!

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Mee M6 available many places online.
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Thanks, they look good. Are they good for rock? Maybe there is a good option with remote and mic for android? Not mandatory, but it will defintly add.
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Brainwavz Delta from mp4nation costs $22.50 (free shipping worldwide), they don't have mic and remote though.


You can get more info here:


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Think I'll go with the delta, they seem to be perfect for me and the free shipment is a nice bonus.

just quick question: I'm considering to buy cheap headphones for the meantime until the one i'll order will get here. Does Pansonic RPHJE-120 and RPHJE-120 ergo fit are two different models? They seem to be good for really cheap price, and when i'll get the new ones i'll just give them to my sister.

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The "ergo fit" is just a name for the Panasonic earphone design and shape, it is not exclusive to the RPHJE-120.  I have seen the "ergo fit" tag on other Panasonic earphones too.  I'm pretty sure that there is only one model of RPHJE-120 (but you can get them in different colors), I guess retailers may choose to add the "ergo fit" into the product description but it should be the same product.

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You can sometimes find Sony MH1C on Amazon for around your budget. It's highly rated here and was built for Sony Android phones. Or check out this one (not sure whether they will ship to Israel):




Here's the appreciation thread:


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Unfortunately the Sony are really expensive on ebay and amazon dosen't ship to Israel. Anymore suggestions or should I go for the delta and that's it. Again, I'm looking for clarity, balance and durability. Recommandations are welcome. 

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RPHJE120 are my favorite budget headphone of all time. The sound quality is only decent, but it is so non-fatiguing that you gotta try them out!

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Originally Posted by billybob_jcv View Post

Mee M6 available many places online.

These headphones suck. It's almost impossible to get a seal with them so most of the time you're just hearing the most sibilant midrange resonance ever, and it makes your eardrums bleed and you wet your pants.

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I'm still a noobie but for the money have been very happy with my Sennheiser CX 300B MK II.


They are on Amazon for about $25.


Good bass. Nice isolation from outside noise depending on how you place them in your ears.

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