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Help Deciding between bluetooth speaker and headphone!!!!

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So I owned a pair of AKG K701 for just less than two years. 

When I had just a month of warranty left, the right side started to flicker (what a perfect timing...), so I contacted harmanaudio.com where I had purchased the product.

Harmanaudio offered to replace my k701 for a new q701 (k701 was apparently discontinued...), but I really don't like the q701 series' colors, so I called in to see if they will offer anything else. They just told me that I can pick anything under the $399 tag in harmanaudio.com store, which started my dilemma. 

What I am looking for is best sound quality I can get with the $399 limit. I don't really care whether it is a speaker, headphone, or whatever else it might be. I have most of my music as mp3 or flac, but if I need to, I can just burn them on CDs. Looking on the harmanaudio website, it seems that I have two options: either get the q701 with horrid colors or get a harman kardon aura (http://eu.harmankardon.com/harman-kardon-product-detail_eu/aura-black-detail.html).

I have heard good things about harman kardon quality, but I have never tried any bluetooth speakers, so I have no idea how good aura will be. I do realize that aura was introduced in the 2013 IFA so I am not expecting any reviews from experience with the speakers. I just want opinions on whether a bluetooth speaker will be able to match the sound quality given by k701. 

If you happen to see something else in harmanaudio.com that might be good, please suggest as well.

Thank you!



A little about me. I have been playing classical music since very young, so I am extremely sensitive ears, but I am relatively new to the world of headphones, amps, dacs...etc since the k701 was my first decent headphone. So if you mention something about the frequency range or other technical terms, I will be lost. But if you mention that the soundstage is large or small or the sound is airy or other qualitative stuff, I will understand easily, so please try to stay on the qualitative side.

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The Q 701 comes in black, white and lime.  Very few cans offer three choices--most are black only.


Haven't heard this speaker, but I seriously doubt that it is superior to the Q 701, which is considered one of the top mid-fi cans.


That said; not all like the sound signature of the Q 701.  You have said that you don't like the K 701, which has a similar but certainly not identical sound signature as the newer Q 701.  Perhaps you can tell us what you didn't like about the K 701.

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It's not that I don't like the k701. I am considering the bluetooth speaker for two reasons:

1. I just have to say that I hate all three color choices for q701. I think this is a simple matter of preference.

2. I don't know how to describe it other than to label it as spaciousness (although this word doesn't capture what I feel), but I do miss the "spaciousness" in sounds given by speakers as opposed to headphones.


So if the sound quality was about the same or barely noticeable, I am planning to try the aura. 

When you say that chances would be slim for aura to be better than q701, does that also imply that bluetooth speakers have somewhat noticeably lower sound qualities than headphones of the same price in general?

This would be what I want to ask the most. If we compare same price range bluetooth speakers and headphones, are there noticeable discrepancies in sound quality?



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BT speakers are generally inferior to wired speakers in the same price and (relative) quality levels.


A $400 speaker system will almost certainly be inferior to the Q 701 in sound quality.


You know, I assume, that the K/Q 701 must be properly amped to be properly driven?


It is certainly true that some just prefer the sound of speakers to that of cans--almost regardless of other factors.

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Hmmm... if the BT speakers produce noticeably less quality sounds, I guess I will have to go with the ugly headphones :(...

Thank you.

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