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Hey folks - Long time member/reader, not too many posts. This place has been a guide for me so many times so I'm giving back:

If you have a car stereo with an input for a 3.5mm jack and a bluetooth capable music player (whatever it may be) for 15 bucks right now you can stream audio to your car deck. This is why I'm sharing this!

It's made my iLive (I know but hear me out)

iLive product description link:

Walgreens sale link:

I don't review things. I've read so many helpful reviews I know it's not my thing. That said, it worked. Paired with my iPhone 4S in seconds - sounds great for the car - it's streaming bluetooth where there was none for fifteen bucks.

That's it. Thanks.

Forgot: the pics are from a 2009 Hyundai Elantra. The view is inside the armrest.
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