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First post here. Recently my Logitech G35 headset broke at the point where the cuffs pivot after I knocked it over. Kinda sucks since I actually found it to sound decent for all the stuff I listen to. But I'm confident there has to be better, still.


Based off what I've read, I think I would like something clear and balanced sound wise. Maybe a little aggressive sounding? And I think I'd prioritize mids before treble, and then bass last. But don't want the bass to be anemic. Far from that, actually. Have a pair of senheiser HD 201s and that's my biggest gripe with em. Listen mostly to metal, jpop, and video game music.I have most of my music in apple lossless and will be going FLAC whenever I get around to replacing my iPod touch, but I still have a considerable part of my library in mp3 since I listen to a bunch of vocaloid stuff. So I'd say something that's revealing of compression is okay as long as it doesn't absolutely ruin stuff around 256kbps. I for sure want something that covers my ears fully, as I find those the most comfy with my glasses. I'm kinda leaning towards an open pair as these would mainly be for home use and better instrument separation would probably be good.


Oh yeah, not sure about amps and stuff like that still.


Budget is $150.


I can also give my thoughts on headphones I've had before if that'll help narrow it down.


Bah, meant Jpop in the topic. Don't listen to too much jrock.

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