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Finally a true soundstage headphone Sony MA900

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Bloody hell, Never had such strong first impressions before. These things have a true soundstage, Not like the K702 which is echoed and lacking depth, These are amazing. Right away I prefer these to the K701/2 HD650 and other mid tier open backs. These reminds me of my closed Mad dogs but better. I think I now found something to compliment my Mad dog and vice versa.
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Are you gaiming with them?


For music I found MA900 soundstage a bit problematic, owned with HD598 for months and compared to HD650 untill I sold 900. For me they have less centre, vocals are closer to your ear and sometimes they tend to be like two speaker hanging on your head. Especially in some jazz recordings.


If you have access to free downloads or can find this album anywhere Chesky Records - The Ultimate Demonstration Disk can you compare it with HD650 and post impressions ? http://ep.yimg.com/ay/yhst-133294880041420/various-artists-ultimate-demonstration-disc-3.gif


21-Vivaldi- Flute Concerto in D-21-The Connecticut Early Music Festival Ensemble especially this track




P.S IMO they are true value for money, but not replacement of HD650-ies for me. they have nice bass but listening any Basson, chello, double bass, reveals that Sony's bass is overly warm and lacks definition

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