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Vsonic VSD1 or VSD1S?

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I've been away from head-fi for a while after selling all my gear, i'm now after a budget set of IEM's and have found lot's of praise for the VSD1's by vsonic.


I'm trying to work out which version to buy, i've heard a few people mention slight sibilance in one, whereas the 'S' version has a flatter response (more mids, less 'V' shape) which reduces these problems in upper treble.


The innerfidelity review mentions this also, even recommending the 'S' over the standard for this reason yet i do not see many mentions of this version on head-fi?


Anyone with a decent comparison or experience of the two to help my decision?


Thanks : )

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Well, there is a whole thread about the two (now the 3 versions) and I've compared VSD1 and VSD1S several times. Overall, the VSD1S has a tad flatter and tighter bass that hits slightly harder while the VSD1 has a slightly bigger bass with more of a mid-bass impact. It's not a big difference though. The VSD1 is a touch more laid back in the mids but sounds slightly fuller. This makes it sound a bit bigger soundstage-wise - IMO mainly in height. The treble of VSD1S is very slightly smoother and sweeter, which makes it a bit less prone to sibilance. I too recommend the VSD1S unless you're not much sensitive to sibilance or you don't listen at very high volume - then you can go for the VSD1.

As I said there isn't a huge difference between the two, so it's mainly a matter of personal preference.

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Saw the monster thread but was pretty lost going through it.

Thanks for the response, just what i was after. Much appreciated : )
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