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I currently use a Phonak PFE 112, and I absolutely love it. However, I've been using it for quite a long while (almost a year now).


I also recently tried the Unique Melody Miracle. It is the ideal 'phone for me, especially the sound stage. 


Is there anything similar, in terms of sound staging, but with a more "n" shaped curve? I listen to classical and electronic, and a combination of both, at times. I don't want to fork out nearly a thousand dollars just for a 'phone, with my current income.


Budget here would be around $400-600, or less.




Also, asking for a friend here:

He is looking for a new 'phone, and is currently looking at the SE 215 (Shure). He's a bass head that likes the clarity that the BA drivers can give, and likes a sound stage that is similar to, or not much smaller than, the Miracles. He's fine with the T-Jay's sound stage though.


Don't worry about sound signature. He isn't as much of an audiophile as I am, AKA beginner in the trade.


Any recommendations in the same price range, or at maximum $100 more? Just give any amount of suggestions. I'll help him narrow it down.